Retail Barcodes that work worldwide

Purchase retail barcodes for all retail products (except books and magazines), for example local supermarkets and retailers in Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and worldwide.


  • Genuine, unused GS1-compliant barcode number starting with ’07’ which work worldwide
  • Barcode images (in 4 different formats for convenience)
  • Barcode registration
  • Certificate of GTIN Assignment (see an example certificate).
  • Immediate delivery – all files will be emailed to you as soon as the order has been made.
  • No forms to fill out, no membership fees or other recurring fees. Pay once and own the barcodes for life.

The more you buy, the cheaper the per-barcode price. You can buy more than you need and use the barcodes on products in future – no need to assign barcodes right away. You become the legal owner of the barcodes for life and can use them as you wish.

Any questions? Email [email protected] or chat to us on Facebook/Messenger chat at

Download a sample EAN-13 Barcode Package (zip file)

Quantity Price Price per barcode
1 $35
2 $64 $32 each
5 $145 $29 each
10 $230 $23 each
20 $340 $17 each
30 $420 $14 each
50 $500 $10 each
100 or more Even bigger savings on large orders. See the offers available!

Prices in FJD

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