What are EAN/GTIN barcodes, and why do I need them?

Clear Product Labelling

Digital merchandise management systems require a unique, globally valid identification of each individual retail item. This is the role of GTIN or EAN numbers, more commonly known as barcodes.

With them, a product can be clearly identified throughout the entire process from manufacturing to marketing and sale of that product. These numbers are particularly important for the retail market and also for the operation of online shops where this is a more laborious process to record due to the large number of items per customer.

Advantages of Product Identification Using EAN and GTIN Codes

1/ Avoids confusion between products with similar names;
2/ The sequence of characters is a global standard;
3/ It is efficient in handling invoices, delivery notes and orders;
4/ The sequence of the digits allows the “translation” of the barcodes;
5/ It facilitates and speeds up work at the point-of-sale (POS) system and in logistics.

Portrait of female cashier in supermarket scanning bar code of products for sale.

Difference Between the Number and Image

“GTIN” or “EAN code” means the combination of a 13-digit EAN number and a barcode image represented as white and black bars. Barcode images are a graphical translation of the 13-digit number, which allows it to be read by scanners. The 13-digit sequence is sufficient for the unique identification of the product.

Barcodes with GTIN Assignment Certificate

The most important feature of EAN and GTIN is their uniqueness, as they are numbers that come from a closed and professionally generated system. Unlike dubious suppliers who sell obscure EAN numbers to their customers, we guarantee the uniqueness and legality of the numbers we provide.

Each of our 13-digit numbers is checked by us in advance for illegal use. And with each number you receive a certificate that recognises you as the legal owner, giving you the right to exclusive use. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

What the 13 Digit Number Tells You

When you buy an EAN number from us, it does not hold any information. We only assign you barcode numbers and provide the barcode images. The retailer then stores the necessary information in their own merchandise management system.

The structure is always identical: each code starts with the GS1 prefix. This is so called because all 13-digit product numbers originated through GS1 – except for a block of numbers starting with “06” and “07”. Although these originally come from the same system as GS1 numbers, they are not managed by GS1 and were generated by the UCC, an organisation that merged with GS1. These UCC numbers can be legally sold by us.

If 10, 100 or 1000 barcodes are acquired in the same transaction, the following digits, including the penultimate one, are taken by the company prefix and the article number. The length of the company prefix is determined by the number of consecutive barcodes. The more barcode units, the shorter the company prefix and the end of each code contains the check digit.

Practical Getting Started Tip

Anyone starting a business has to keep an eye on their budget – and the cost of a GTIN for each individual item can get hefty. Instead of “renting” GTIN or EAN numbers from GS1 and paying an annual fee tied to turnover, you can get your barcodes from us at an affordable price you can afford.

With just one purchase and one single payment you acquire the right to use your GTIN without any time limit, no additional fees or annual fees. And the best: completely legal!